Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Living Life

The last month has been has been really busy.  Though the improvements are still happening, life is happening as well and that has been taking up a lot more time, time that I used to use for my blog posts.

I'm still improving my ranges and I'm still expecting to exceed the surgeons six month estimate of another 10 degrees.  I'm just over halfway to that goal on the left side and the right is just under.  

I'm still keeping up with my physio, hydro and pilates and fitting in real life around these activities.  My hours at work have increased and I'm starting my study back up again at the end of the month.  I'm not sure where this is all going to lead me but wherever that is, I'm well on my way.

I probably won't be checking in here too often as time goes on but I receive comments by email so if you have any questions about any of my posts or my experiences, please comment!


  1. Lori C, Thanks for taking the time to do this blog, I am 23 days post op bilateral. I fortunately found your blog 3 days before my op and read it start to finish. Your blog really helped me get my head around the op and what I may have been facing. I am 43 and also in Brisbane and just reading your detailed recant of the op and recovery somehow got me in the right head space. I think prior to reading your story all I had read were stories of very good recoveries and I think I was only prepared for very good outcomes.
    Anyway I went in scared but ready, long story short I have had an excellent recovery and I am already off crutches and no pain...
    Thanks for taking the time, regards Calvin T

  2. Hi Calvin! It sounds like your recovery has been sensational. Being off crutches so early is an excellent outcome. The best is still yet to come though - when you are starting to do the things that you haven't done for a very long time, if ever. Did you have traditional replacement, resurfacing or BMHR like me?

    If you have a few favourite stories or sites that you recall from your pre-op research or people you'd like to shout out too for their help during your rehab, please feel free to send them through, I'd like to add some more resources now that my updates will be a little further apart. If you'd like to write a guest post about your experience, you'd be most welcome :)

    Best wishes and enjoy your new hips!

  3. Hi Lori. How are you doing?I'm 16 days post-op for my THR of my left hip.. I need it bilaterally, but my surgeon wanted to do it one by one.. I have already taken one year of leave of absence from my med school to undergo both the surgeries and recoveries as well.
    I'd like to ask you about the experience of the new hips, all the range of movement that is possible.. and how to manage with the recovery if i do it on the right hip after this..

  4. Hi! I've been offline for a bit of the holiday season so have just seen your comment. Hope that you are really seeing some of the changes this little bit further down the track.

    I'm sure you won't need a year to be in top shape to get back to school but if you have it make the most of it. Spend the extra time in the pool, exercising and enjoying activities that make the most out of your new parts.

    My range is still improving now. I'm at about 110 degrees flexion and realistically I'm functional so any further gains are just a bonus. I was told that depending on the prosthesis, I could have been at my limit now - so this is something that you will need to discuss with your surgeon. The make and type of the parts is going to make a difference to the types of activities that you can expect to do. The amount of damage that you have pre-op will also make a difference. If you once trained in martial arts, or regularly rode a bike, or walked 2 mile a day or did yoga it will all make a difference to the range that you end up with. I haven't had it for 20 or so years, so having it now is pretty amazing to me.

    As far as the recovery for the other side - you'll do what you need to do and you'll get through it :) Just keep focused on the end goal! Feel free to message me if you want to chat more! loriciavarella at gmail